• Protect your Web Applications with a Web Application Firewall

    Your Web Applications
    are Potential Attack Vectors

    Ensure they are protected with
    a Web Application Firewall

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  • Improve your Data Center Efficiency with a Power Monitoring Solution

    Interested in Improving
    Your Data Center Efficiency?

    Reduce your OPEX, gain insight,
    and improve your uptime

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  • Using Software to help you take control of your Risk Management Process

    Is Your Risk Management
    Process in Order?

    Specialised software solutions
    can help you take control

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Evergreen Oak helps companies and organisations address some of today’s toughest challenges in IT. We work closely with innovative security and IT software vendors that are leaders in their particular speciality.  We strive to provide highly differentiated software solutions and services that have the best performance and capabilities available.

IT Security

We focus particularly on Web Application Firewalls, Data Protection and Classification, and mobile security solutions. Other areas of coverage include Vulnerability Management and Virtual Patching.

Data Center Infrastructure Management

DCIM helps companies reduce the risk and improve their insight and control of their data center operations. Nowadays DC’s are critical to business operations and yet many are being run with legacy tools which simply can’t provide the capabilities to efficiently and cost effectively manage the growth and rate of change in DC assets and operations. We can help you with advice and solutions from leading vendors that will enable you to cost effectively bring your DCIM into the 21st century.

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

Increasingly banks, insurance companies, financial institutions in general, and enterprises who are facing increased regulation are looking to software solutions to help them improve their risk management process. We can provide organisations with specialised software solutions that will help them cost effectively improve their risk management and compliance processes.

IT Power Management

Improved power management of data center infrastructure is an easy way for organisations to reduce both operational costs and their carbon footprint. Inefficient power management of data center infrastructure adds unnecessary direct and indirect costs to an organisation, the larger the organisation the large the savings to be achieved. We can help organisations with easily deployed and administered software solutions that will achieve significant reductions in power usage with a very attractive ROI.