Evergreen Oak helps companies and organisations address some of today’s toughest challenges in IT. We work closely with innovative security and IT software vendors that are leaders in their particular speciality.  We provide highly differentiated software solutions and services that have the best performance and capabilities available.

Security Training

Most conventional e-training platforms use antiquated techniques to bombard employees with uninteresting content which is forgotten shortly afterwards. Training no longer needs to be a drudge. Training no longer needs to use a scatter-gun approach. We have partnered with the leading vendor of the most advanced cyber-security training platform which will allow you to target your training efforts to where they are needed, with content and methods that are interesting to your employees, and provide you with the ability to measure the results and ensure meaningful compliance. Turn your employees into willing, educated, and aware front line allies in your battle against attackers. Use education as part of your security initiatives instead of merely as a compliance check box. Make your training efforts count.

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

Increasingly banks, insurance companies, financial institutions in general, and enterprises who are facing increased regulation are looking to software solutions to help them improve their risk management process. We provide organisations with a specialised software solution that will help them cost effectively improve their risk management and compliance processes.

Security Training

OutThink is a web-based SaaS platform that has been developed specifically to identify and reduce risky workforce behaviours and build a risk aware culture. It is an interactive, dynamic, and engaging solution that provides the right knowledge and skills to match individual roles.

OutThink is more than a simple security training tool. It is a learning and human risk management solution that enables your employees to be part of your defence-in-depth tool kit. It will help you to understand where you need to concentrate your efforts to improve the ROI of your security training initiatives. It will do so in a way that is fun and interesting for the employee by using gamification and tailoring the training to the needs of the individual.

OutThink will provide you with:

  • Intelligent metrics so that you can measure the ROI of your training activities
  • Risk profiling to help you identify high risk teams and individuals
  • Employees that are now part of your security posture rather than your weakest link
  • Targeted education that addresses the individuals needs
  • Data to ensure provable compliance and policy agreement
  • Compliance with local regulations such as GDPR

Reduce employee risk and comply with regulations

Seamlessly embed cyber-security best practices in your employees’ consciousness by using socio-technical principles to minimise compliance violations, assess risky behaviours and mitigate the risk of human errors in real-time.

Improve productivity and cyber security learning engagement

Dynamically allocate learning content, based on employee role, cyber-security competence and compliance mandates. This will help you streamline and automate your culture change activities.

Extend your defence perimeter

Include your employees as part of your defences and your new security perimeter. By increasing their knowledge, and enabling them to take informed actions you can create the ultimate vigilant workforce.

Advanced metrics for learners and administrators

Apply insights from NIST, Gartner and ENISA to deliver an immersive, gameified, experience to employees and a personal cyber-security metrics dashboard. Enable your administrators to benefit from advanced measurements and tracking features.

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OutThink White Paper: Cultural Change – The key to achieving GDPR compliance
OutThink White Paper: Cultural Change – The key to achieving GDPR compliance

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