Evergreen Oak helps companies and organisations address some of today’s toughest challenges in IT. We work closely with innovative security and IT software vendors that are leaders in their particular speciality.  We provide highly differentiated software solutions and services that have the best performance and capabilities available.

Security Training

Most conventional e-training platforms use antiquated techniques to bombard employees with uninteresting content which is forgotten shortly afterwards. Training no longer needs to be a drudge. Training no longer needs to use a scatter-gun approach. We have partnered with the leading vendor of the most advanced cyber-security training platform which will allow you to target your training efforts to where they are needed, with content and methods that are interesting to your employees, and provide you with the ability to measure the results and ensure meaningful compliance. Turn your employees into willing, educated, and aware front line allies in your battle against attackers. Use education as part of your security initiatives instead of merely as a compliance check box. Make your training efforts count.

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

Increasingly banks, insurance companies, financial institutions in general, and enterprises who are facing increased regulation are looking to software solutions to help them improve their risk management process. We provide organisations with a specialised software solution that will help them cost effectively improve their risk management and compliance processes.

Consulting Services

Evergreen Oak provides companies and investors with advice and support related to sales operations and processes.

Many companies reach a stage where the performance of their sales organisation becomes a bottleneck for growth. Is the sales team delivering realistic and accurate sales forecasts? Does the pipeline structure reflect the way you and your customers do business? Is a consistent qualification methodology used? These are all questions that our customers may be asking.

We help our customers by providing an assessment their current sales team processes and performance and make recommendations for changes if appropriate.

If you have similar needs please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Evergreen Oak is backed by more than 20 years of experience in IT security and technology. We provide our customers with software and services from leading vendors that have solutions that are highly differentiated and that have a clear value / ROI. Our customers are primarily enterprises, service providers, and government organizations.

We have partnered with carefully selected vendors who provide solutions that are highly differentiated and the best in their field. Typically solutions that would be found in the top right of the Gartner Magic Quadrant. We pride ourselves on having a well-established network of key decision makers and influencers in the industry and genuinely aim to help our clients achieve the best solution possible.

David Griffin

David has more than 20 years of experience as a successful international sales and marketing professional working in leadership roles for major US and European companies. Prior to establishing Evergreen Oak David was a consultant advising investment companies and VC’s on the mobile and PC security software market. Previously he was Regional Director, Mobile Sales and Business Development at McAfee Inc., where he reported directly to the EVP Consumer, Small Business, and Mobile. Prior to that David was Director, Global Mobile Business Development at Symantec, and before that he held senior international sales and marketing positions in major telecommunications and semiconductor companies.

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